All children have hopes and dreams.
And all children, including those with disabilities,
deserve a fair chance to make their dreams real.

A child with a disability “should enjoy a full and decent life, in conditions which ensure dignity, promote self-reliance and facilitate the child´s active participation in the community.”

— Convention on the Rights of the Child, Article 23.

No one group has their rights compromised more consistently or more cruelly than children with disabilities. When they’re not objects of pity or shame, children with disabilities are subject to teasing, stigma, humiliation and abuse.

It is a tragic irony that children who so often stand out because of their disability – who are so often targeted because of their disability – are too often invisible when it comes to policies, services and compassion. They are not only excluded. They're forgotten.

Discrimination on the grounds of disability is a form of oppression. It pushes children and their families to the margins of society, trapping them in a life of poverty, ignorance and isolation that limits the child from realising their full potential.

‘Disable2Enable’, organised
in conjunction with Universal Children’s Day, calls on each and every one of us to see the child before the disability. When all of
us focus on the abilities of these children, instead of what they cannot do, we can help bring a fundamental change in the way children with disabilities are viewed and treated.

Let’s disable our misconceptions to enable their lives.

Join us. Celebrate the abilities of children with disabilities.